Monday, August 11, 2014

Today's Frontier Girl – Fashion savvy, style focused and one who follows her true calling!

Ruchika and Sarvpreet  enjoy a stroll by the beach - hand in hand!

Welcome back and today I am shining the spotlight on yet another frontier girl as she shares her story of balancing work and home. I am sure this elusive topic resonates (quite loudly) with the majority of us. I am taking you to Columbus, OH to introduce you all to Dr. Sharma –a pediatric oncologist and a dear friend! 

Metropolitan columbus - a great midwest city with a bustling art scene and a fun entertainment district

Being a physician myself, I know that professional demands can be challenging at times. But over the years, I have learnt to roll with the punches and understood the critical importance of work-life balance. We all have this image of a perfect life that does not always reconcile with the realities and conflicting everyday demands and therefore certain necessary life skills have to be learnt. Trade offs and priorities being the big ones! 

I admire Ruchika. She is young, ambitious, fashionable, accomplished and an inspiration in her own right and she has a beautiful home!

She spends her days taking care of sick children and in her down time enjoys traveling and decorating her home and of course our countdown to a century would not be complete without a home tour and we could not have asked for a better home! Ruchika and her wonderful husband Sarvpreet graciously agreed to feature their contemporary style abode on Aalayam and I am excited to pull back the curtains and share this beautiful home with all of you!

In conversation with Ruchika

Ruchika on what drew her to Pediatrics “I grew up in New Delhi, India and moved to the US for my residency training in pediatrics. I love taking care of children and always wanted to be a pediatrician. Currently I'm training to be a pediatric hematologist in Columbus, Ohio.” The path to becoming a physician is a long and arduous one and staying true to one’s calling takes an enormous amount of hard work and patience as well as a clear vision. Ruchika’s chosen profession is a testament to her commitment and passion for helping others.

Ruchika on balancing priorities Being a physician and (being married to a physician!) with a busy schedule presents several challenges to leading an active social life. I realized early on that a fulfilling personal life is super important to retain one’s sanity and to succeed professionally. I try to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones and try to stay engaged in activities that give me personal satisfaction. 

Knowing myself and having an honest conversation about things that I can and cannot handle and trimming my to do list to make room for some creative interests has always helped me keep my head above the water.”

Ruchika on her interest in home decor “I have always liked pretty things and admire beauty! Growing up in a large metropolitan city my design aesthetic is modern contemporary. I love to watch home improvement TV shows and websites for inspiration. I have to say that my husband and I are both home décor enthusiasts.

 Collectively, we try to pick decor items that fit our personal style and design aesthetic. We live in a high-rise condo in downtown Columbus as the hustle and bustle of the city keeps us closer to home. We want our guest to feel comfortable and welcome in our home. 

We want them to get who we are as a couple; young and vibrant with a clean and modern design style and an eye for uniqueness.”

 Ruchika has successfully tapped into her personal interest and through a process of exploration and self-discovery created a contemporary chic nest for her and her husband. I love her home! In spirit, this home matches the young couple’s effervescence and exudes an inviting aura. I love how this charming little home, in the heart of downtown Columbus, stands tall in a fun and gorgeous color palette!

Ruchika on wearing multiple hats  “I believe as women we always wear many hats and try to take on a lot of responsibility. It is imperative for us to take out time for ourselves doing things that WE like to do to have a successful career as well as personal life and maintain equanimity when faced with a tsunami!” Wise words indeed!

Thank you Ruchika and Sarvpreet for letting us into your beautiful home!

There you have it – our 2 part series on today’s frontier girl. We chose to feature these two gorgeous (Ruchika and Sripriya), talented, hardworking, passionate, fashion and style savvy women. There is one simple lesson to be learned from their stories and that is to go after your heart’s desire! Often, we let our insecurities and self doubt bring us down but the stories of these young women is a simple reminder that doing what we like and doing it as well as we can is good enough! Hope you are inspired!

And next up is our 100th! Yes, Aalayam is going to be a 100 posts old! We continue to grow, learn and be inspired ourselves and we are also learning not to get too comfortable or stay focused on any one area, as there is so much to explore. In our countdown to a century series we took some risks and moved away from our travel, décor and culinary posts for a little bit and focused on social media, photography, and fashion. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as we have bringing it to you. In our 100th, I hope to capture the true spirit of Aalayam. Join me then!

The lounge in Ruchika's downtown high-rise.

All pictures in this post belong to Ruchika and Sarvpreet and may not be used without permission. Ruchika’s home pictures were shot by UJ.


  1. I have lived in Columbus, OH for almost year in 2005 Deepa :) Ruchika is definitely frontier girl, very inspiring and love her home. Liked what she said about how to keep head above water, need to learn and apply that in my life.

    1. Oh nice Nayana. Did you like columbus? I love it. It is a little midwest gem and offers much in terms of art and culture. Thank you for commenting. I love ruchika's pad - it is indeed a veritable feast and was fun to showcase. stay tuned for our 100th. You will love it and you know why ;)


  2. Hi Deepa and Supriya, I am a regular visitor to your lovely blog..... and i love everything about Aalayam! The pictures are so vibrant!! I especially love the home tours... I just have a small suggestion; it would be great if you could include more zoomed out pictures of the houses... as in encompass the whole room in a picture. would give a better idea about the layout and styling... Thank you for this blog!! I hope you continue to churn out awesome blogs... :)

    1. Hi bhavana - thank you thank you. Always nice to receive compliments and more importantly formative feedback. That helps us improve our content. I know what you are saying and I request close ups as always full room views from our home owners- but we are at the mercy of so many different elements here - light, camera, lens, different photographers - so it does not always pan out and we gratefully choose from what we have. Will keep trying :) Once again, thank you for your appreciative words about Aalayam. Stay tuned for our 100th post - you will not be disappointed!


  3. love reading the post guys... us physicians are often assumed to be bookworms and boring people... cheers to us :)

    1. Thanks Shaz! :) that's right - right brain, left brain both need to be exercised and some of us take that seriously !