Incredible India!

Welcome to Aalayam's rendition to India's culture, cuisines and colors! In our page "Incredible India", we will feature posts which are heavily inspired by India.

Be it travel lust, cultural punctuations that have weaved their way to the global fabric, architectural influences or decor, festivals and traditional Indian ceremonies, "Incredible India" is our tribute to our rich alma mater. And the vivid tapestry of contrasts that is so INDIA!

Making a difference - at the grassroots!

Spotlight on Terracotta
Spotlight on block print
Spotlight on IKAT
Indian superheroes!

Dressing up for Festive Occasions
Read all about the regal elegance of the Kanjeevaram saree in our spotlight series

                                                       Spice Rack Remedies - Coriander

Spotlight on Tanjore Painting

Modern Indian Style for the Modern Indian Woman


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