Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Setting the Table for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Today I am grateful for my family, my friends, my career and of course - Aalayam! Through this blog, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to partake in the beauty and color in this world - one blog post at a time.

So, dear readers, here's my humble digest of Thanksgiving tableaux. Simple, frugal, natural and beautiful ideas and inspiration from my home to yours!  
This year, I want to take my Thanksgiving outdoors. Weather permitting, why not try that yourself? Create a cozy conversation area around outdoor benches or patio furniture with soft colorful cushions, rugs and throws, add seasonal touches with fall fruits, vegetables and foliage.

You cannot go wrong when you incorporate the color scheme, fragrances and textures..think the crisp Fall breeze, the heady scent of pine cones, and the glorious colors of mums... that Mother Nature has dictated for this time of the year!

Entertaining outside when the days are short and cool can be tricky. You can balance the beauty of the outdoors with the warmth of the indoors by creating easy and non-fussy tablescapes like what I tried in my home (above) with natural decor elements which can either be consumed outside, or easily brought indoors when it gets too dark or cold for comfort! Of course, adding tealights, candles, holiday stringlights and lanterns to your outdoor tablescape adds that extra bit of oomph for enjoying the beautiful dusk!

Use fruits, pinecones (I spray painted mine gold!) and candles to dress up your table. It adds that touch of natural whimsy, without being tough on the wallet! Hey - just because Thanksgiving and Black Friday are calendar neighbors, it does not mean we have to break the bank trying to keep up what the retailers tell us we should celebrate Thanksgiving with!

Notice the gold pumpkin in the picture above? I picked up a bright orange paper maiche pumpkin from the local Dollar Store and spray painted it Gold!!! Adding that touch of gilt accessories to your tablescape creates a sophisticated look. Of course, I love the ochre of the natural pumpkin..so I had to let a couple of real pumpkins adorn my tablescape. You could do the same with  any Fall vegetable - they come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colors! You can have a cornucopia of natural, edible decor items which add beauty to your Thanksgiving table!

Do not forget the colorful berries! They could add a pop of color to your centerpiece, to a floral arrangement or to your placecards! Look what I did with the berries from my backyard.

Oh! I love everything about this arrangement (above)- the confluence of colors and the natural elements layered together is just so refreshing..

Now..its time to move the party indoors! Turn on the soft ambient lights..warm up the decor a tad bit - and you are ready for an extended evening of Thanksgiving celebrations with good food and great company.

I toured around the house before setting the table - collecting chotchkies that would "Indianize" my tablecape. These placecards and elephants add that authentic, ethnic Indian touch that one cannot escape in my home!

Do not be afraid to be unconventional and bold in your choice of decor pieces - look how glorious this embellished silk pouch looks on the table. Nestled within the pouch are the silverware for the guests. On top of the salad plate is a colorful, jeweled tealight from Diwali. I am planning to let my guests take home one of those each..Do you like the idea?

I am in love with these Kalamkari table runners from Pedana, Andhra Pradesh (above). I have to admit they look gorgeous on the table and on the dining bench..It is definitely a conversation starter..I cannot get over how simple it is to dress up a tablescape with  colorful Indian fabrics with their rich textures and magnificient patterns.

So! That was my Thanksgiving tableau dear reader. I hope you enjoyed these snap shots and hope you were inspired. Do share your Thanksgiving ideas and inspirations with us at aalayaminspiration@gmail.com.

I for one, cannot wait to fill up that wine glass you see over there with the spirit of the season! I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!

Aalayam also wishes you a joyful and inspired Holiday season!



  1. The golden pumpkin really glams up your tablescape. lovely shots!!!


  2. Thank you Aakanksha! Decor can be so simple - yet so elegant right? I see that you espouse that style in your blog as well! Pats on the back from fellow bloggers and design enthusiasts like you give us our impetus!

    Keep coming back! And Happy Holidays!


  3. beautiful blog..just cam across..keep writing lakshmi

  4. Divya Thank you! :) Means much coming from a fellow blogger like you!

  5. Lakshmi, Thank you for visiting! Please keep coming back! We have an exciting and palette pleasing list of blog articles on the way!

  6. hi Supriya & Deepa,first time at your blog.very nice blog with lovely pictures & posts.I blog at oorvi-sruthi.blogspot.com, do drop by.

  7. i do like your kalamkari rug, is it from India or the world market here?ive never seen one at the market here.

  8. Thank you Sruthi! We will visit your blog. Thank you for your comments and feedback. And please do come back for more interesting posts by the Aalayam team. :) The kalamkari table runner is from India (Pedana in Andhra Pradesh). World Market sells Kalamkari rugs, I have not seen table runners there! However, I am surprised by the rustic familiarity I find in stuff from World Market!

  9. Thank you Anu! Glad you visited and delighted to hear your feedback! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are gearing up for Christmas. Looking forward to your posts too this Holiday season!

  10. Lovely entertainment area, Supriya. I adore the swing, Is that from here (US).

  11. Radhika - Thank you!! Yes, the swing is in my backyard. In/From the US. That charming rocker is one of our favorite spots in our home to hang out in! It sets the perfect backdrop for backyard picnics, kiddie play-dates and summer bbqs! Used it for Thanksgiving Dinner last year.

    Thank you for visiting this space!!