Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fashion- an expression of individualism!

Desi chic - Deepa's block printed kurti  with a gota patcwork dupatta makes a great evening ensemble!
And we are back with our countdown to a century series! We plan to celebrate fashion, technology, décor, friendships and more as we inch towards our 100th post. So, join us for an interesting line-up of posts over the next few weeks.

Supriya and I do not consider ourselves to be fashion maniacs by any stretch of imagination and yet we are fashionistas (in our own right) and we decided to publicize our personal style on Aalayam today in an effort to decode the logic of fashion. 

Ballet flats and bohemian bangles - personalize every look!

We differ in our sartorial preferences but agree that fashion must be an expression of individualism. In a world where we are constantly judged for our appearance and external identities (sadly!) one cannot ignore the importance of fashion/style to our everyday existence.  Also, our interest in fashion is an extension of our interest in culture and creativity. Fashion is after all integrally tied to contemporary culture and so it felt right to talk about fashion on Aalayam.

 So, join the conversation dear readers. As always, this post is sprinkled with pictures  -we’ve put together some outfits to tell our fashion story.

Supriya believes in bold statement accessories!

Tell us what comes to mind when you hear the word fashion – clothes, accessories, outfits, style, trends, and habits – all of the above perhaps?  What guides your fashion sense  - your moods and instincts or runway looks and trends?  Are you a risk taker? What about the design and the details? Do brands matter? Do you believe appearance can positively influence attitude and in turn your self-image and sense of self-worth? Do you like what you wear or do you find yourself envious of another person’s looks?  Does fashion overwhelm you? Do you feel like you are in a style rut?  Or do you believe your personal style is a reflection of your inner self? 

The classic black dress - accesorise with a colorful bag to transition seamlessly to an after hours get together!

So many questions! And we certainly don’t claim that we know all the answers but we definitely have some thoughts.

Supriya's Colorful embroidered shoes stand on their own!

What we have learnt is that fashion much like everything else is a process and it has taken us a few years to discover who we are and to look in the mirror and say, “That’s what I like!” Through this process we have learnt to wholeheartedly accept and embrace our unique and personal sense of style. 

Deepa's bow tie shoes are perfect for a little summer fun!

 Sure, we have fashion muses but at the end of the day our look is our own and we wear it with aplomb!  We have also learnt to let our outfits inspire us to be the best that we can be  - fashion is not just about boots, belts or scarves it’s also about confidence and charisma and positive outlook and feeling good inside! Remember, a smile is the best way to accessorize!

Supriya and I decided to capture our fashion sense in a few phrases and here is what we came up with-

Supriya’s fashion catch phrases

Lots of kajal
Never afraid of bling (gold and jewel tones)
Dusky, shimmery eyes
Nude/glossy lips
A touch of sparkle
Huge bags that carry everything
Statement shoes!!!
Clothes that fit my body, not the other way round
Never the one to follow trends or fashion mantras

Her fashion mantra –“ it’s all about what feels good and what makes me feel good”.

My (Deepa’s) fashion catch phrases

Classic, time –tested styles, elegance and sophistication
Tailored clothes
Complimentary accessories – the scarf is my all time favorite accessory!
Kohl lined eyes
Black – because it is beautiful
A touch of the unexpected – lace, polka dots, metallic accents, a pop of color!
Shoes – a girl can never have too many!
Haute- sunglasses!

 My fashion mantra – If I don’t feel it, I don’t wear it

Now, there's our fashion story - what's yours? Do you believe you have a trendy persona? Sound off! Tell us about how you approach fashion?

We will back soon with our next post in the countdown to a century series! Did you like this post? Check out our other feature posts on fashion and trends here, here and here.



  1. Deepa, you look stunning, just the way you looked when you were in college, you haven't changed in ages. I loved both yours and Supriya's styles. Enjoyed reading this post as I could totally relate to it.

    1. Thank you! You are very kind. Fashion/grooming is indeed central to our everyday existence and we thought our readers would enjoy our message about embracing your unique style and be confident in who you represent to yourself and the world!
      Please spread the word about Aalayam to your friends and help us grow the Aalayam community!


  2. Oooh girls after my own heart!!!! It's obvious you both not only have a pulse on what's trendy but also on what your readers would like to see. It'd be great if you could do a follow up to this post - elaborate on individual styles, dressing for occasions, shops you prefer etc. Hey one can never have too much fashion :) Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Ashwini! We'll accept the compliment graciously and with a bow! Of course, we love this interactive dialog we share with all you girls. There will be more fashion posts. I hear ya loud and clear!


  3. Love both your styles!!
    And couldn't agree more on - "fashion is not just about boots, belts or scarves it’s also about confidence and charisma and positive outlook and feeling good inside! "
    Since both of you love Kajal/Kohl, what have been your fav brands? I have watery eyes and I've tried too many diff options with little success!
    Keep it going girls! Looking forward to your 100th post!

    1. Div : Thanks for your continued patronage! I love givency magic kajal (30+ $) - its creamy and wax based- lasts all day and is sort of like our regular kajal. I also like l'oreal's color riche le khol - midnight black (can smudge though) and maybelline define-a line ebony black (basic everyday). I 've tried several others but keep circling back to these. Let's hear from supriya as well.


  4. Thank you ladies! As you might have noticed, I swear by eye-makeup. Loads of Revlon 16 hour Kohl for both under and over the eye!!

    Other than that, its boho-chic, bold and glamorous all the way for me. But the most important aspect of it is that, I only wear what I feel good in, and don't care about what's trending, where I buy it from, how much it costs, or whether anyone else approves or not :) I have 10 white shirts in my wardrobe, loads of chunky accessories and many many crisp cotton kurtas!

    Looking forward to hearing your Style Mantras!