Thursday, June 26, 2014

Countdown to a Century: Flashback and Peekforward!

We are going to be a 100 posts old soon! And this is the perfect poignant moment for us to flash back, and peek forward.

The poster above is a fantastic peek forward to the COUNTDOWN TO A CENTURY!!

To, all the posts that are in the offing, those celebrate the

And here’s a flashback. At all the humbling feedback, comments and love we have received – just a tip of the iceberg over the course of the last year and …..94 posts!!!

I pause to say Thanks once again for letting Aalayam grow this big. Without your validation, we would not have come this far!


Lovely read, great pictures, an awesome new perspective, such an interesting personality..loved it...”

“Goodness...why don't I meet people like you guys? :D Kudos…”

“You've got me kindled girl :-) Planning parties is something I L.O.V.E! Your ideas are brilliant! “

“Delighted to see the new artist feature series on Aalayam…”

“The Indian in me just woke today( once again) to realize that yes! no matter how contemporarily I decorate my home ,the touch of India is always home for me …”

“My first visit here, read a couple of posts and I am already fond of all that is being shared here. Following you now on :) Thank you for sharing all those beautiful and thought-provoking sketches. They did make me pause and think about the message being sent across…”

“You have a great blog here and I am enjoying every post of yours... the photographs are wow and the inspiration is infectious! I will be landing here more often! “

“You have introduced us to some very interesting people and their interesting work! Keep it up in the New Year and a Very Happy New Year to both of you and your families! “

“You just inspired me and exuded positivity, warmth and encouragement with this. Hats off to the team!”

“Supriya and Deepa! Thank you very much for your valuable time and effort in depicting my home so aesthetically! and also providing me a with a wonderful platform. I wish you all the very best for Aalayam! “


  1. Congratulations on making it to 100 posts. It's my first visit here and that first image with the beautiful embroidered table cloth has me smitten! I'll be enjoying my visit I'm sure :)

    Pink Chai Living

  2. Thank you! And welcome Raj!! Please join the growing Aalayam family and become a member. Click on the "Join this Site" widget and sign up with your email address. We love welcoming new members with a keen aesthetic!

    Looking forward to seeing you around more!