Friday, September 28, 2012

Let the festivities begin!

Ghee rice from my rasoi (kitchen). Photo courtesy - Uj, my better-half.
Home beckons ......   
If you have ever visited India this time of the year, you will know why. India is transformed into a magical place thanks to the festive fervor that is at a feverish pitch during these months. Throngs of people herding through the colorful bazaars, seasonal wares up for sale in the street side stores, freshly made flower garlands displayed on the sidewalks and other mesmerizing experiences make this time of the year unlike any other.  October – November is the season of festivities in India. Celebrations begin with Navratri (nine nights) or Dussehra (ten days) and end with Diwali (the festival of lights).  And Indians everywhere bring the festivities home. We proudly display our colorful Dussehra dolls as we do our earthen Diwali diyas (lamps). These are our unique traditions that bear root in our culture and heritage and unite us in spite of our diversities.  We cook, clean, shop and decorate –all with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.  And thus a nation is immersed in pageantry! After all, we are celebrating the triumph of good over evil!  As Indians living outside, we are limited by circumstances and cannot always make that trip back home in time for the festivals. However, we too strongly believe in the Desi ethos of festive gaiety and so the festivities begin in Indian households across the globe!

Mine includes...... good food, good friends, good company!
Write to us. We would love to hear how you are celebrating this season and stay tuned dear readers as Aalyam will feature posts on Dusshera and Diwali


p.s: the gorgeous footed pewter teapot is an antique store find and the silver tray that is so seasonally apt is from Pottery barn!


  1. It is indeed a great time of the year. We celebrate Varalaxmi puja, Ganesha/Gowri festival just prior to Navaratri and Diwali. India, a colorful country already goes even more festive/colorful during this season. In our home in the US , we try to celebrate all these in as much grandeur as possible so that our kids know all about our traditions/roots too.

  2. Yes, raising kids in a bicultural environment is a unique challenge in itself... the festivals are a great way to keep some of those traditions alive.

    Thanks for reading!