From the Kitchen

What Inspires YOU! to cook?
Is it the
Fragrant Spice Box?

Or is it the visual appeal?
The melange of color and textures of food that stimulate you to act upon seeing a scrumptious picture of a decadent dish ?

Where do you draw your culinary inspiration from? Whatever it Aalayam, you will find your "soul-curry" being nourished!
Come..Stay..Get Inspired!

Below is a gallery of the dishes featured in the "Aalayam Kitchens". Relish the gastronomic journey..

Indian Street Food - Let's Have Chaat!

Avial served on a bed of Quinoa
Panna Cotta- an easy holiday dessert!

The classic Puliyogare (sweet and sour rice)

A classic Indian Buffet!

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