Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Aalayam parties in April! Part 2: The Tale of Two Dinner Parties

Hello my lovelies! We continue presenting to you Aalayam's interpretation of the fine art of entertaining. In this two part feature you will get to peek into the Tale of Two Dinner Parties, one from my home, and the other from Deepa's home. Considering April is such a special month for the both of us (wait wait, you will know why!), it's only ideal that we weave a tale or two out of our dinner parties this month!

So, here we are: 

The Tale of Two Dinner Parties - A Casual Asian Affair!
By Supriya

Fried Eggplant with red pepper and cilantro seasoning for appetizer

April is my Birthday month! And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with favorite food and cozy and intimate dinners with people we love? I am partying with friends in bits and parts, but the real party is happening in my home, cooking up a storm y'all, with my favorite Asian cuisine on the menu. 

Fresh spring rolls with soy sauce  set the stage

You see, when I got married seven years ago, I burnt my "chapatis" and over seasoned my curries, thanks to the luxury of never "having to cook". Independence, interest and lots of appreciative dinner guests, not to mention a foodie husband, made me realize my culinary potential. Miles to go before certain gastronomic zeniths are reached. However, I am enjoying my happy place right now, enjoying my passion and creative soul curry!

Cucumber jalapeno bites anyone?
My husband is busy preparing for an exam this week, so we are postponing our big birthday dinner party until after his exam is done. Besides, his birthday is next week, so we are clubbing our birthdays together and getting away with the kids. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to have a home cooked meal to pamper the studious hubby, while still serve it up with style right in my kitchen!

Yes, I used the breakfast bar! Dressed it up with golden weave place mats (thank you TJ MAxx!) and my fine china, and we have a in-house high style dining arrangement all ready to go!

Consider setting the bar table for an intimate dinner, Next time you are bringing out the fine china!

 I love dinner parties - casual or formal, because .....of the leftovers!!! For all the prep we do at home, the cooking, the seasoning and  we don't get to enjoy the food on the day of the party! 

But the next day, we have numerous options for lunches and dinners, and all day snacking!! 

Fried Rice - steaming and scrumptious!

That's the reason why I prepare more dishes than required for any party, just so that the guests have options, and I have leftovers!! And this casual do was a perfect opportunity to cook up a storm of my favorite Asian food, and still have tons of lunch and dinner options for the work week!

Cannot go wrong with Thai Pineapple Curry!

My husband and I put the kids to bed early and enjoyed a cozy evening with some lovely music, fine tea and home cooked Asian food! Right at our breakfast bar. I did not even have to set the "table!". Combining convenience with elegance cannot get better than this. 

Seal the deal with  Sticky Mango Rice pudding with fresh cut mango!!

Thanks to supply chain and technology, my birthday was a virtual party spanning 4 continents! Hand written notes, pictures, gifts, wishes, flowers, cake and chocolate flowed in through the day. The best part was the midnight cuddling when my girls came to my room to sing " Happy Birthday Mommy".

And as always, I am glad to have brought the party over to Aalayam!



  1. Beautiful! Happy birthday fellow Arien!

  2. Thank you Prathibha! Is your birthday coming up soon? Or did we miss it?


    1. Hi Supriya, Mine was several weeks ago (March 30) :)

  3. Supriya, Belated Happy Birthday!!! The decor is beautiful.

  4. Thank you Reshma. Your wishes and comments are much appreciated.


  5. Belated Happy birthday. I missed visiting Aalayam these past few weeks.

  6. Arathi. We missed you too!! Glad you are back :) and thank you for the birthday wishes! Alas I am a month older now . Ha Ha!


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