Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Aalayam goes on a trip (to The East Coast Desi)!!

The East Coast Desi, the vibrant home decor blog around the block has featured "Deepa's extraordinary outdoor-tablescape that orbits around jewel tones, pattern on pattern, textural layering and nonconformist décor choices that rightly connotes the free spirited Bohemian style but with an Indian twist." 
Here's an excerpt...

I cannot thank Sruthi enough for allowing us to bring an Aalayam offering to her fantastic blog. I love The East Coast Desi. It is simply my all time favorite design/décor resource. Kudos Sruthi for this beautiful and inspired blog that you have worked so diligently to create and maintain! And as always, it is fun to bring our collective audiences ideas and life style inspirations that we know will be appreciated! Thank you.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Head over to The East Coast Desi blog for an explosion of color and bits of bohemia taking center stage in Deepa's backyard.


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