Saturday, February 27, 2016

Aalayam is looking for Writers!!!

Aalayam is looking for writers!! 

One superpower both Deepa and I wish we had is the ability to generate more hours in the day. Our beautifully and carefully curated baby Aalayam is sitting on the back burner of our super busy and multi layered lives. However, we both believe that we will make time for Aalayam, to continue to meaningfully and non-stressfully integrate into our lives. So, in case you guys were wondering, the blog is not going anywhere!

Now, what we are looking for is fellow bloggers! Writers! Creators!! Someone who can jumpstart our dormant blog with their creative vision and verbose talents! 

Any takers?! 

Write to us as if you are interested, and we can start a conversation!

Supriya & Deepa

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