Sunday, April 12, 2015

Coming soon to Aalayam!

Hello Aalayam! Hope you are all doing well this fine Sunday morning?
I have been  (rather hysterically) plugging away behind the scenes on our next feature - a collaboration with two creative powerhouses! So, in three days (on April 15th to be more precise), I will introduce you to a print magazine  - one with a fiery Indian spirit wrapped in a global/ecletic shell presented via soul stirring imagery. Intrigued? I sure was. In this feature you will not only be introduced to this one of a kind magazine (with a glance at a  few captivating shots in the first edition) but you will also hear from the visionaries behind the magazine and that's not all! You will get to peek at the gorgeous gorgeous home of one of the ladies behind the magazine  (I twisted her arm just for you dear Aalayam readers and she was kind enough to oblige). And there's more - yes! We went all out with this one! We are also hosting a giveaway of the launch issue- again, thanks to the ladies behind the magazine! 
So, mark your calendars and I will see you all on the 15th - right here!



  1. I so can't wait, it's the multi talented Jayashree Rao's home. I am totally in love with her work, her art, her blog and rest of everything about her. Wishing lots of luck!