Saturday, February 14, 2015

The romance of Paris - Aalayam goes to France (Part - 2)

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And on this day, when the whole world celebrates love – I want to take you on a photo tour of the most romantic city of the world.

The city of lights - a view from the Arc de Triomphe!

If you have not been here, then my goal is to inspire you to make that trip  - soon! And if you have already visited this city- then I hope you can relive your time there through my travelogue. I am sure your stay was as magical and memorable as ours!

Place de la concorde - the dark clouds reminding us of the sombre day when Mary Antoinette was guillotined!

Taking in the sights of the city while holding hands atop the Eiffel tower, stealing a kiss on a windy night while cruising the Seine, smiling at each other over a decadent macaroon at Laduree – we could not have chosen a more romantic city to celebrate 15 years of togetherness!

Decadence and opulence -thy name is Laduree!

A clichéd lover's stop? – Perhaps! But so totally worth it! The allurement of Paris stays with me even 5 months after our vacation. 

French chic!

I had promised to bring you more from our trip to France and here is part 2 – the romance of Paris! Remember my travelogue on Provence? In case you missed it – you can find it here!

 A sweeping view from atop the Eiffel tower capturing the many layers of the city - a happy marriage of the old and the new 

What can I say about Paris and the French that has not already been said before? They have mastered the art of persuasion and romance! 

Musee Rodin - and this is where our museum voyage began! Wrought iron love!

The larger-than –life monuments, intricate architecture, world class dining, chic boutiques, haute couture fashion, street side artists, vintage book stores, cobbled stone alleys  - everything in France is about embracing and romancing life and you feel it the minute you step out of the airport!

The magnificent notre dame! I coudl not peel my eyes off the architectural details!

Now, there are plenty of travel planning resources on the Internet that you can use to get your bearings in place before you make the trip.  


Plan, plan, plan – that is the only way you can get the most out of your trip especially if you a re a first time visitor. Understand the geography and the lay of the land, get to the know the train routes (metro and RER), tailor your list of must-see attractions  (or else it can be daunting!!), try to get a feel for a variety of things that Paris has to offer  (do not miss the cabaret!), explore some lesser known neighborhoods (create your own custom experience and amble through the quieter and non -touristy streets – the locals call it La flaneur), go for late night strolls  (this is a great way to get night time shots of the city minus the tourists) and the true way to discover “La romance de Paris”

The mighty Louvre, Paris' top draw captured on a quiet night. Somewhere in there, the most parodied work of art in the world hangs quietly.

and do not forget to experience Paris gastronomie (creperies, brasseries, cafes, bistros, boulangeries – explore’em all)  - indulge to your heart’s content ! The French pastries are to die for and you can always walk it off along the Seine!

Whatever your reasons to visit Paris maybe – be assured that you will be blown away by the seminal architecture, the hip café culture, the gourmet food and the travel through history. Every corner offers something for its tourists and you will not be disappointed! Just make sure to stop and appreciate the intimacy of the city as you walk down its winding streets and open markets! Allow yourself to feel the love!

And if you have not been to Paris yet – I am so excited for you! Go make your own picture  perfect romantic memories  on the Pont Neuf or at the Tulleries or inside the Louvre or on top of the  Notre Dame or along the Seine or  in front of the Eiffel Tower or down the Champs Elysses  or in a quaint little bistro or an antique bookshop!


Until I see you again....

Hope you've enjoyed our virtual tour of Paris brought to you  lovingly this Valentine's Day!


p.s: All images in this post are from our personal albums and taken by my husband. Please do not use without permission.


  1. Stunning pictures. In love with each one of them and so inspired to visit ! Thanks for sharing these Deepa :)

  2. Thank you K! It was very hard to distill it down to just a few pictures for the post. I have so many more compelling pictures I wish I could share.
    I am sure when you visit - you will come back with your own special memories.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Beautiful post! I am spellbound by the wonderful pictures & apt descriptions of all the places that you visited in France. Your blog has certainly nudged me to get a Visa for France. I might keep this French getaway a surprise for my wife as she will be celebrating her birthday next month. I hope that she gets to enjoy this wonderful & fun-filled trip to France with me. Fingers crossed!