Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We are thankful for....

Life's little mercies.

how about you ?

1. Sign sourced from Pinterest 2. A beautiful midwest fall day (pic courtesy Uj) 3. Quinoa and corn lime salad from Deepa's home (pic courtesy Uj)

We wish our readers on this side of the pond a joyous day of feasting and fun!
Happy Thanksgiving!

For more thanksgiving inspiration, check out Supriya's previous post on thanksgiving decor

~ Deepa and Supriya 


  1. Indeed, life's little mercies are to be thankful for. Happy thanksgiving to you both and families!

    1. Thank you ambika for taking the time to comment! We love your support here at Aalayam!


  2. So very true.. Lifes little mercies are to be grateful and thankful for!!