Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Artiste Feature - A Home Tour and a rendezvous!

Dear Readers,

If you are still reliving the traditional splendor of last week's post on Bharatanatyam, we are back, as promised with a sneak peek into Sridevi Jagannath's Home, and her artistic mind space.

The Nataraja "God of Dance" adorns the living space which is also used as a dance studio

"Great dancers aren't great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion." 

Aalayam was fortunate to be a guest at Sridevi’s family home in North Carolina. The classical contemporary design sensibilities of her colorful home, which she also uses as a workshop for teaching dance, prompted us to ask her not only an interview but also a Home Tour! And she said Yes!! 

In continuation of the two-post series – Aalayam brings to you Sridevi’s home tour and a rendezvous with Sridevi herself!

Classical Indian Tanjore Paintings, Rajasthani trinkets and ornate antique wooden frames punctuate this vibrant home

Here is Sridevi with some inspirational thoughts about Laasya, her students, her family and her passions:

Aalayam (A): What inspired you to start Laasya?

Sridevi (S): I have always been very passionate about dance and wanted to pursue dancing either as a performer or as a teacher. As strange as it may seem, Laasya was conceived in a Flea Market. Yes, that's right! On a sunny Saturday afternoon, as my husband Vijay and I were taking a stroll in a flea market in Raleigh, an Indian lady approached me and asked if I was a dancer. She wanted her daughter, a 7-year old at that time, to learn from me. Thus began a wonderful journey into the realm of dance

Sridevi combines a gorgeous embellished mirror with her student-class calendar in her dance studio

A: What are your and Laasya’s plans for the future?

S: Laasya was founded with the vision of engaging future generations in the rich classical dance form of Bharatanatyam. The school's primary objective is to foster creative thinking and personal growth in our youth. The school uses innovative techniques to explore new spaces of artistic expressions. The students are taught to observe “life” closely and learn to portray human emotions in the most honest way while being true to the character they play through story telling

Eye catching finds from all over the world create a kaleidoscopic landscape for Sridevi's artistic endeavors. 

A: Can you tell us how the rigors and joy of learning dance have inspired your students?

S: Laasya boasts of many graduates who started as 5-year olds and have continued to pursue their passion even at the university level. Many students are able to demonstrate their creative ideas either through workshops or innovative choreographies. Even though they come from very diverse backgrounds and unique cultures, dance is the single binding force that transcends many languages.

The traditional "Tabala",  Indian percussion instrument adds an interesting twist to Sridevi's living room, which combines comfort and rich Indian elegance.

A: What is your inspirational message to the Aalayam readers?

S: Aalayam, to me, is a kaleidoscope that always brightens my day. As an ardent follower, I really love the colorful pictures, ideas and information. The authors clearly have big dreams for their readers. For people like myself, Aalayam provides a way to infuse fresh air into some old furniture or cook something exotic without feeling overwhelmed. I incorporate some of the amazing ideas shared on this blog into my daily routine

Thank you Sridevi for letting us into your life and your home!


Sridevi relaxes in her backyard deck with her favorite pastime between her classes, cuddling with her family pet and reading with a cuppa joe!


  1. Wow you've got some really beautiful stuff in this post

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  3. Beautiful totally reflects that it's a artist's home.

  4. We thought so too Nayana! Thank you for visiting Aalayam.


  5. Corners and special finds so reflective of the artist! Inspiring.

  6. Thank you Div!! Our Aalayam family welcomed a chance to glimpse at Sridevi's artistic home. Please keep coming back for more. Aalayam has a host of design and culinary expeditions planned! :)