Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glam it up with GOLD!

A corner from my home. Photo courtesy : Uj, my better-half

When it comes to home décor, I believe in the "Vow" factor.  And nothing spells vow like some shimmer and shine. The color gold is my all-time favorite design element.  Gold embodies glamor and luxury. Its versatility enables inclusion in any décor style or color palette. Gold adds richness, interest and even a bit of drama.  Even for the thrifty shopper, home decorating is an expensive proposition especially when one is gunning for the glamorous look. Hence, I prefer decorating with timeless pieces and gold accents are just that!   My design sensibilities are in constant evolution.  And so, re-decorating is an inevitable reality and my  gold toned accents never fail me!

Additionally, it is rather easy to incorporate gold elements into an ethnic Indian décor canvas – the gold threads in traditional Indian fabrics, the gold foil in Tanjore paintings, and the golden finish of brass figurines are a few easy ways to add a dash of sparkle to your home. The use of gold allowed me to pull in a bit of Indian heritage into my personal space. Most Indian palaces have architectural elements such as towers, pillars and arches with intricate gold details contributing to their opulence. And as I look around my own home, the gold elements remind me of my roots.  

Gold has a global décor intrigue too. If your own personal design preference is western or eclectic then you can easily add some glitzy glamor and elegance via the use of  sunburst mirrors, sconces, lamps, and vases. Additionally, with an innate ability to work well in a Christmas table scape or to add to the festive cheer of Diwali, gold has a magical seasonal appeal as well. 

Of course, the key is to limit accenting to a “touch of gold” or a “hint of glitter”. Remember, everything in moderation!

The above image is from my home. I love the lustrous appeal that this gorgeous antique brass teapot holds and with the addition of few cheery yellow flowers and gold wall art in the background, I have a vignette with the Vow factor !



  1. Agree with this is glam and sophisticated.
    Can you please provide me details on the vase shown in the picture.
    Where can I find it?

    1. Kshiti,
      Thanks for stopping by. If you live in the United states, you can find something similar to this in an antique store.
      ebay also carries brass teapots that are similar in style.