Friday, September 21, 2012

In love with Fall!

Japenese koi pond at the Fortworth Botanical gardens. Credits: uj, my better half
Cool weather, falling leaves, changing colors, Friday evenings and the comfort of home - don't you simply love this time of the year when everything is just so calm ?
The summer heat, the scent of freshly cut grass, the long days and visits to the pool are behind us. The holidays,  the snowflakes, the whimsical light displays and the Christmas rush is still a few weeks away! For now, it is quiet and yet so perfect! 

Ah! It's autumn!  

The Arboretum - Dallas. Credits: Uj, my better-half
Do you have a  favorite fall family ritual? How do you celebrate this season? Ours has always been to a pick a fall weekend and go on a photographic expedition around town. The local gardens is one of our favorite stops. The crisp air and the riot of colors is a soul-stirring experience in itself.

And then there is the cooking!  There is something about the pumpkin displays  everywhere that makes me want to cook! Even my weekly rounds at the farmers market is exciting thanks to the fall line-up of pumpkins, squashes, gourds and more!

The arboretum - Dallas Credits: Uj, my better half
And so, we celebrate with a fall-inspired savory meal each year!  A hearty South - Indian home cooked meal with fall's signature produce is a treat in itself for a vegetable enthusiast like me!
That I can configure a tablescape with an autumnal influence is a plus!

What's not to love about fall?

I would love to hear about what inspires you this season?

Fall brunch at home.Photo courtesy : Uj, my better half

p.s: my gorgeous serveware is the "persimmon doubled handled soup crock" from world market. Check it out!

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