Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guest post - Global design

Supriya and I  are heading over to Colours Dekor today.  Colours Dekor is a blog by Patricia with contributions by Anpu and Rose. 
Here is what Patricia wrote about the blog "Colours Dekor is my space to share beautiful home ideas from my home and magazines that inspire me. I love colours and innovative ideas. I have a passion for interior designing & dekor, travel & art. I love colours".  Patricia's blog has been around for a while now and it is a great space too  offering creative inspirations, decor tips, gorgeous eyecandy and much more!
 Of course, we would not pass up an opportunity to author for Colours Dekor! Supriya and I were invited to do a feature on our personal decor styles.  This was an easy assignment given our enthusiasm for all things design and decor!  We got to work  right away!
We figured we would offer a post with a few corners from our homes and a few lines about our design sensibilities to encapsulate our personal design diction.

So, here's a sneak peak at our guest post

"Supriya and I definitely have a lot in common with regards to design preferences  and I guess that's what drove us into a collaboration. If you are already a reader of Aalayam  then you know that we both love incorporating world-wide design elements  in our homes. Our styles can best be described by the umbrella term "Global design /universal appeal"........

My family room  - teal wall, rustic furniture and some colorful accents for a  global look!
Supriya's living room - blue wall, colorful accents, black and white frames for a universal appeal!

For more pictures (yes!) and the rest of this entry head over to Colours Dekor.
Thank you Patricia for inviting us to write for your blog.



  1. You have awesome blog, can't wait to browse through all your post...following you and gosh...Supriya's mom has over 150 bonsai trees, drooling :)


  2. Nayana : Thank you! We would love for you to come back :) Yup, that's what I learnt too - 150 bonsais!! isn't that great?


  3. Wow ! you have really great zeal of interior decor and designing. I would like to say that just go ahead because i think you will get success in your life definitely.

  4. jolene: Welcome to Aalayam and thank you for your kind words. Decorating has evolved into a passion over the years and we love sharing our inspirations as well learning for others. The blog provides a great medium.