Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Habba Time!! So why all the fuss?

Its Habba (Festival) Season in India. And for all the Indians living abroad, it’s a throwback to tradition, good food and celebrating with friends and family!

There are said to be more festivals in India than the days of the year, celebration for every religious occasion, change of season and every harvest. For occasional traditionalists like me, this serves to be an issue. 

Yes, I blog about culture and leaving a footprint of our tradition for our kids and all, yet, I drag my feet to be obsequious to every cultural shindig that we, as Indians are required to partake in. Maybe it is the rebellion of being the married woman who has to adhere to the traditional boundaries and expectations put forth by her married home – husband, in laws, yada yada yada. Maybe is plain curiosity of why we do what we do.

 I am arguing with myself, if I have God and good in my heart, why all the show? As I said, I feel like I am trespassing in the realms of the pure traditionalists. Yet, as my good friend, and Aalayam co-host Deepa put it, we embrace festivals with fervor and enthusiasm because it is a part of our identity. And of course purist celebrations and altruistic thinking need not be mutually exclusive. 

Deepa, in true-blue modern day traditionalist style has embraced tailored hybrid versions of Habba – and has managed to retain the spirit and intent of the festival! Here are some pictures of her Varalakshmi Vratha and Krishna Janmasthami this year, and also a sneak peek at her preparation for Ganesha Habba!! 

What are your thoughts? Have you faced a similar cultural conundrum? Let’s discuss. I’d love to hear from you.


p.s. Here’s wishing all the Aalayam readers a Happy, Peaceful and Doubtless Habba season! 

Also, do not use any of these images without permission. 

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  1. lovely pics as always!
    As you enjoy decorating anytime,just take the pride in your stride..