Saturday, June 15, 2013

Voyage to Vancouver

Art gallery, Vancouver, BC
Supriya is on vacation this week and I thought we should all go on a vacation too! A virtual vacation albeit.  We are going to Vancouver!  I am afraid this will be a picture heavy and lengthy travelogue and therefore I will exclude the rest of British Columbia. However, I recommend that if you are planning a trip to Vancouver now or in the future, you include Whistler and Victoria in your itinerary. British Columbia is simply gorgeous - the sights will leave you spellbound!

On a family vacation back in 2010, we took over 1700 photographs (!) and to filter and distill, just a few, for this post was really hard as you can imagine. Here are a few postcards that capture the allure of Vancouver!

The city tourism website has a curated collection of quotes from different online and print resources which I will use throughout the post.  The experts have succinctly captured the essence of the city in a few words!  

All images used in this photo essay are taken by my husband. kindly write to me at before using.

The skyline as seen from Stanley Park.
Vnacouver Harbor shimmers under the night lights.

"You’re gorgeous, baby, you’re sophisticated, you live well...Vancouver is Manhattan with mountains. It’s a liquid city, a tomorrow city, equal parts India, China, England, France and the Pacific Northwest. It’s the cool North American sibling." – The New York Times

Vancouver by night!


"Vancouver is a city unlike any other. Wherever I look, I see water or mountains -- or both. And everyone looks so healthy." – The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Tourists queue up to see more of Vanouver's wonders!

The setting sun paints the sky with brilliant hues over the pacific ocean at English bay

A-MAZE-ING Laughter, 14 intriguing bronze statues at English Bay

"In winter, the heart of downtown [Vancouver] is 30 minutes from the ski slopes. In summer, sun seekers crowd its beaches and seaside promenades. And despite a rain-prone climate, it displays a perpetually sunny disposition. Consider it the supermodel of North American cities." – USA Today

Tourist buses and street artists - a common Vancouver phenomenon!

India in Vancouver

Granville Island - Urban market at its best!

"Vancouver is one of North America’s most under-rated tourist destinations. It is a modern, travel-friendly city with a unique mix of cultures. The relatively mild Pacific Northwest climate and an energetic restaurant and nightlife scene are other features that make this such an attractive city." –

Personally, the mountain-scape, the glistening water bodies, the cool mountain air, the crisp multi-cultural vibe, the extremely convenient public transport and the spectacular sights were the highlights. We planned this trip on a whim and without much forethought and were pleasantly surprised by what BC offered us and how easy it was to find our way around. We felt right at home! I came away with a longing to explore the rest of Canada. 

With its global flare, international appeal and and a buzzling multicultural scene Vancouver makes the cut to be featured on Aalayam's Around the World series! Vancouver is not your run-of-the mill metropolis. There is a palpable vibrant energy at every turn!

Totem pole at Brockton point, Stanley Park - First nations artistry

Now, here's a few more postcards (from Victoria) this time! Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is very British in its roots and appeal. Quaint little tea rooms and antique stores abound. The city has much to offer its visitors.

This is probably where I found a slice of heaven on earth - the majestic Butchart gardens!
Beauty of the Butchart!

Paradise on Earth?

If I were to use adjectives to describe the beauty of this place, the ones that automatically come to mind are immaculate, pristine, impressive, stupendous - you get the drift... This place awakens one's senses like no other!  The blooms, the butterflies and the birds - there is so much life and energy - it's ah-mazing!

 And finally, the waterfront Victoria destination - the Inner Harbor! If you like to take a stroll, then there is no other place like Victoria's Inner Harbor. Architecturally impressive buildings, street musicians, ferry boats, plenty of photo points, food vendors - The Inner Harbor has it all!
Parliament building soaks up the evening sun by the Inner Harbor, Victoria, BC

There you go! Beautiful British Columbia brought to your doorstep by Aalayam. Hope you enjoyed this travelogue? Write to us if you are a traveler and would like to guest author and add to our bank of Around the World feature posts.



  1. The pictures brought back so many wonderful memories. I lived in Vancouver for 3 years before we moved to Ontario. Lovely pictures Deepa!

  2. Reshma: Thanks for reading. Coming from an ex-local like yourself means much.Your surely must miss the excitement,the city provided? Of course, I have never been to Ontario so I don't know the difference! We enjoyed our 6-7 day stay immensely.

  3. I had the pleasure of visiting Vancouver/Victoria 8 yrs ago when I had family there. I got to visit Victoria again in 2008. I absolutely loved the Butchart gardens. I would love to go back there now just to take some pics with my new DSLR :) Thanks for rekindling my memories. PS: I don't see gas town anywhere, unless the street dancer is in gas town?

  4. rkramadh : I am sure u will agree that you can even go back for a 3rd time to Victoria/Vancouver-it's that exciting!
    Gas town - good catch!! I have a beautiful picture of gas town with a grandfather clock and buzzling tourists - but the post was already too long - so it got chopped :(
    Thanks for reading and sharing your story!

    any particular travelogues you might be interested in ? we could try and put something together..

  5. I am only two hours away!! Beautiful pictures

  6. Anu: I know! you are lucky that you can getaway to the mountains on a whim!
    the pacific northwest is gorgeous!


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