Saturday, September 22, 2012

Featuring the foot stool!

Featured above is my fabulous find from Home Goods - the mirrorwork footstool!Photo courtesy - Uj, my better-half
What are the staple features of Indian decor, you ask? Colors, fabrics and exquisite woods, I say. Undeniably, it is the fine interplay of these key elements that infuses an "Indian" space with vibrant life. Quintessential Indian decor elements include hand carved wood, intricate motifs, splashes of vivid hues, ornate patterns and luxurious fabrics. Now, if you are the kind that draws inspirations from global look books but have no clue where to begin - here is a simple idea. The foot stool! It is a great way to add some boho chic to your space. Foot stools are inexpensive, widely available and very utilitarian! The sari patchwork and the Jaipur mirror work are two great options to bring in some Eastern flair to your living space. These are a great gift option too! Personally, I have my heart set on a kilim and a suzani foot stool. Mixing patterns is totally in and I dream of injecting a little Middle eastern influence  and mixing it up with the Indian elements for a more eclectic feel.  Until then, I plan to put my feet up  on my Rajasthani foot stool and enjoy my cup o' Joe !

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